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Casey's Closet

Meet Casey

Mom of 7 children and 2 dogs!!  Casey is also a Yoga Instructor and the owner of Spirit Song Yoga Center.  She plays the guitar and sings and loves to attend musical events.  Casey is also very athletic and looks forward to spending time outside kayaking, biking and hiking with her dogs.  She loves the idea of sustainable fashion and of repurposing items that are no longer meaningful to others and creating her own style using thrifty fashion trends.


Casey loves vibrant colors and enjoys wearing things that allow her to freely and creatively express herself and bring joy to others.  However, she is not always good at “completing” outfits; knowing what to wear with the fantastic “new” (used) items that she found. Thus, she ended up with lots of random items that didn’t seem to go together….and that is how she met Jill!!

One day, Casey wandered into Transitions Boutique and told Jill about this beautiful shirt that she had just found but she had no idea what to wear with it.  Jill asked her about the color and style of the shirt and then suggested a necklace that would go well with it.  Jill had never seen the shirt, but of course, the necklace was perfect with it and it made the outfit….the missing piece that tied it all together!!

And then it was the Symphony Season and Casey could not wear her Yoga outfits to the Concert Hall!!  Jill found oodles of outfits that fit these occasions and Casey loved dressing up with confidence and style!!  


We are pleased to share with you:  Casey’s Closet…to illustrate many ways to put outfits together in ways that are fun and affordable.  Enjoy some glimpses into Casey’s Closet and get some great ideas for your own wardrobe!! All that is required is tuning into your own sense of style and then letting your imagination carry you away!

Thrifty Finds Designer Edition: Express Yourself

Be ready without going broke.

"From Paris to Milan, London to New York, here's a small town way to wear big city fashion."

COLUMN AND PHOTOS BY:  Sierra Sangetti-Daniels

Download to see the complete 2-page spread.