Small Talk

What is Small Talk

Did you know we use Small Talk to get to know one another?  Yup, and that is just what we are doing here.  I am getting to know you, and you me.  The content for these blogs come from my everyday  life experiences.  For those who have been in my boutique and for those who haven't,  I have two blue chairs that sit at the front of the boutique (Transitions Consignment Boutique).  Wish I had a dollar for every time someone offered to buy them.  You will either find me sitting in one gabbing with customers about who knows what or at the counter sharing a stool at the check counter with someone kibitzing.  Whether its Small Talk, gabbing or kibitzing we are sharing and learning from one another. As you being to read my Blogs and get to know me better you will see where my passion lies when it comes to my business.  I hope these blogs will make a positive difference in your life, maybe save you time and unnecessary stress to start.  

If you have a topic for a blog or a tip or trick you want me to share, send it in and maybe you will be featured in an upcoming blog.    

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